Button Souls

£350.00 GBP Sold Out

PLEASE NOTE. Dolls will always show up as sold out as they work on a custom order system where I release a time and date when they are available. All explained here in the FAQ - www.soulsofbeldam.com/faq

Customise and create your own button soul doll, one of a kind creation made just for you or a gift to a loved one.

Price starting at £300 British pounds. Each doll is handmade, posable and has a soft body and sculpted clay head. These dolls are not intended for toys and are decorative art dolls.

Dolls measure approximately 30cm in length and all dolls are gift wrapped securely.

How the custom process works:
+When your order is complete, please take a few days to think about the elements you would like in your doll as this can not be changed once the doll creating has begun.

+ Once your order is placed, I will contact you via email within 2 days with a doll customisation form. Feel free to be as detailed as possible or keep it vague where I can be creative with your ideas. Attach images for reference along with the filled out form.

+These are made to order and work on a preorder system. Dolls are a 6-7 week wait time.

The elements you can customise in your doll.

- Hair colour and style
- Clothing and fabrics
- Button Colour
- Facial expression
- Lip and blush colour
- Tattoos/Piercings

Props and Accessories
All dolls automatically come with one accessory. If you would like multiple, this can be added on and paid for after your purchase. If you do not want an accessory, a seeing stone necklace will be added to your doll!

Accessories are hats, bags and coats as well as props such as swords, books or anything you have in mind. Horns or added sculpture elements will count as an accessory. Very detailed clothing will also count as an accessory. No longer accepting animals or pets.

More images of the dolls on:
Instagram - @soulsofbeldam
Facebook - Souls of Beldam
TikTok - @soulsofbeldam

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